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01/12/2019 02:22 PM Comment(s) By Leigh Ann

Our Transition to Zoho

A few months ago I praised Wordpress' new editor, dubbed Guttenberg during its beta phase, as being a game-changer.  I had been a user for about a year.  At the time that I needed to build a site Wordpress was well known, well regarded, and easy to use.

But not long after I build my website I started using Zoho Books as an alternative to QuickBooks and Xero.  And a few months ago Zoho Sites updated their own User Interface (UI).  After a brief amount of time playing with Zoho Sites I decides to take the plunge and move away from Wordpress.n . This is my first post using their blog writer.

Zoho Sites is even easier to use for non-designers like me.  Its plug-ins are easy to set up and customer service is never far away and extremely helpful.

Contact Montgomery Business Solutions today to get your website transitioned to or created using Zoho Sites.

Leigh Ann

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