About Us

The team at Montgomery Business Solutions capitalizes on over 50 years of combined accounting, sales, customer service and support ventures in various  industries throughout the United States. 

Leigh Ann Smith, Founder/President

Leigh Ann has over 23 years in financial management with over 17 years of financial support for various corporate and public organizations.  She launched and has led the successful development of Montgomery Business Solutions since 2017.

Michele Burt, Customer Account Specialist

Michele has over two decades in bookkeeping experience in the banking, non-profit, private small businesses.

Montgomery Business Solutions is insured and bondable.  All candidates for employment go through background checks.

*Please note: At this time Montgomery Business Solutions does not have a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) on staff to provide audit and attestation services.  We will work closely with your CPA to facilitate transfers of information and audit support.