TurboTax Online Tax Prep

10/25/2017 05:17 PM Comment(s) By Leigh Ann

Just a PSA to say that the ability to prepare and e-file your 2016 taxes all online via Intuit’s TurboTax.com is now no longer possible as the IRS is no longer accepting 2016 e-filed returns. That deadline passed October 16th. E-filing via the various TurboTax products is not possible again until January 2, 2018 and even then only 2017 taxes can be e-filed. The last day to e-file 2015 taxes was October 17th, 2016 and the last day to e-file 2014 taxes was October 15, 2015. While it isn’t possible to e-file your 2016 taxes you can download and install the TurboTax program from the TurboTax.com website and then prepare, print, sign, and snail mail your federal and state return to the IRS and to your respective state, if applicable. If you had already started your 2016 taxes via the TurboTax website but didn’t finish before October 16th you can download that unfinished, previous year return from the MyTurboTax section once you’re logged into TurboTax.com and continue preparing it with the software that you downloaded in the step above. For those that have not yet filed their federal taxes and are not in the areas affected by hurricanes Harvey, Irma, or Maria (whose deadline to file their final returns was extended to January 31, 2018) any taxes due for your late-filed taxes will now incur interest and possibly a late fee. Please consult your individual state to see whether interest and late fees will be assessed. Please contact Montgomery Business Solutions if you would like help in preparing or amending your corporate, personal or estate federal, state or local tax returns.
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