QuickBooks Online Pricing Special

09/13/2017 11:21 AM Comment(s) By Leigh Ann

Do you currently use QuickBooks Desktop and have been thinking of moving your database to QuickBooks Online? Are you still struggling with tracking your business' bookkeeping in spreadsheets or paper ledgers or another financial package that isn't working for you? Montgomery Business Solutions is currently offering FOUR businesses a QuickBooks Online Plus subscription at $ 10/month for the life of your subscription. This is almost 30% off Intuit's  current QuickBooks Online Plus retail pricing.  This offer is only available to new QuickBooks Online users. Montgomery Business Solutions' labor fees for processing your QuickBooks data is extra. Remember: Montgomery Business Solutions can save you money by completing the majority of your financial tasks before it goes to the more expensive CPA during tax time. Contact us to discuss your bookkeeping budget and more.
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